1. mld54's Avatar
    I am having problem with uicolors causing text to be unreadable in various apps. These apps are on the blacklist so they shouldn't be affected by uicolors but they are. It causes text to be whited out on a white background making it in readable or even be seen. The only way to correct it is to remove the app, disabling it doesn't fix the problem, the problem is very frustrating , It is causing problems with App Store apps and I never know what app will be affected, until Im in the middle of something like paying a bill, then a page comes up and looks like part of it is blank because of things being whited out, how many other people are having problems ? For me this makes the app unusable, I really like the app, but the inconvenience it causes outweighs the benefits.

    Has anyone else experienced this ?
    2014-04-19 08:48 PM
  2. Co1d Night's Avatar
    I have the same problem too, especially with Facebook. The text is either black or white or some other colour. I found out that by enabling it In UIColors, the status bar isn't all white anymore, but the text within the app is difficult to view.



    First one is with the blacklist, second one is without.
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    2014-04-28 02:36 PM