1. anneka234b's Avatar
    My folders disappear and my icons rearrange in alphabetical order when I respring or have to restart my phone. I end up having to recreate them and then pray that I don't have to shut it down to keep the settings. Anyone know why?
    2014-06-21 03:19 AM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    Do you have GridLock and LockPages installed?
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    2014-06-21 10:06 AM
  3. anneka234b's Avatar
    No I only have iconomatic and five icon dock that would affect icons. I have a 4s with iOS 7.0.6. Not sure what's going on.
    2014-06-21 01:31 PM
  4. bbrks's Avatar
    Hmmmm, I know that LockPages was causing that problem, before it was updated. Change the view in Cydia to expert, maybe it was installed as a dependent for five icon dock, or some other tweak. If it's there, reinstall it. If not, I would first delete five icon dock and see what happens. What other tweaks from Cydia, do you have installed?
    2014-06-21 01:59 PM
  5. anneka234b's Avatar
    Thanks for your help with this. How do I change the view to expert in Cydia?

    I have these installed. ImageUploadedByModMyi1403368317.550905.jpg
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    2014-06-21 06:27 PM
  6. bbrks's Avatar
    I hope you have the newest version of Cydia 1.1.12

    2014-06-21 06:39 PM
  7. anneka234b's Avatar
    I checked. Lockpages is not there.
    2014-06-21 06:49 PM
  8. bbrks's Avatar
    Well than, start uninstalling latest tweaks, one by one and try to figure out, which one is causing the problem.
    2014-06-21 07:36 PM