1. Tmills's Avatar
    A couple months ago my phone started having some charging issues. It pretty much initiates charging when i plug it in at random but once it starts there is no problem and it can charge. i can disconnect and reconnect the charger about 50 times sometimes before it starts charging and sometimes it starts charging on the first connect. I think it might be a tweak i installed that is messing with the charging port? but i disabled all the cydia substrate addons via icleaner pro and the problem was still happening. There's not a problem with the charger itself because it still occurs with other chargers and i even went so far as to checking if there were any electrical shortages in my outlets. Can anyone help me fix this problem?
    2014-06-22 09:55 AM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    My guess is, you have a hardware issue with you iphone. It's either connector or battery. Does iTunes recognizes your iphone immediately, when you plug it in?
    2014-06-22 02:00 PM
  3. Tmills's Avatar
    Yeah it is recognized by iTunes. My computer's USB ports are slow but it is recognized after some time. I don't think it's a hardware issue. I think I read somewhere that some software might block access to my phones USB connector. I'm also wondering if it is a firmware issue? I'm running 7.0.4 (sadly) lol it's really annoying
    2014-06-23 05:57 AM
  4. bbrks's Avatar
    Well, if you are convinced, that it's a software problem with some Cydia tweak, than install and run iLexRat to clean the phone.
    iLex Rat - Restore jailbroken iPhone or iPad back to original state
    That way, you will have fresh and clean jailbreak, so after that you can monitor the situation and see if you are right.
    2014-06-23 08:02 AM
  5. Tmills's Avatar
    Ok thanks. It says I *could* lose my jailbreak. If i do could I just rejailbreak?
    2014-06-23 08:26 AM
  6. bbrks's Avatar
    Yes, when you run iLexRat, IOS stays the same. iLexRat didn't fail me so far, but you have to understand, there is no 100% guarantee. This is a jailbreak universe, you just never know
    2014-06-23 08:40 AM