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    I have an iphone 5s that i bought brand new unlocked last month. It is running ios 7.1.1 and is jailbroken. My current cell company is H2O wireless. I have "tetherme" installed on my phone. My problem is that my mms apn settings will not save. Even though I have "tetherme," when I go into the settings to update my mms apn settings to "att.mvno" and then back out of settings or scroll down and back up, the field automatically reverts back to saying "phone"

    The data apn field also reverts to "phone" from "att.mvno" even when using tetherme I installed an H2O wireless profile for the data to work. I have tried to set the apn with and without the h2o profile, have reset all network settings and turned off wifi and restarted phone but nothing seems to work. the only fields that revert to the word "phone" are the mms and data apn (and the data apn now has a profile installed so it stays at att.mvno). the other fields such as mmsc and proxy all stay to what the correct settings i have entered are.

    i have tried another non activated h2o sim card to see if the settings save but they do not. maybe i need to activate and try again (maybe my current sim card is the problem).so i just want to know why i cannot save my mms apn setting even when i have tetherme installed. I have also tried "apnedit" from cydia. when i tried this program to change my apn settings, the "cellular data network" option wouldn't even show up in my settings, thus rendering that program useless in my situation.
    2014-07-07 03:54 AM