1. eyepoper's Avatar
    I just updated ipad 4 with 7.12 and pangu but when ever I want to install an app from the app store it does not install.

    I`ve install ******* unifyed and ppsync removal but still nothin..

    Any one with this error?

    App store does not install.. whenI click for something free.. then click install.. it goes back to Free.. The button
    2014-08-24 04:53 PM
  2. bbrks's Avatar
    What version of Pangu did you use?
    BTW, just remembered, those little stars there are a no no.
    Do a clean restore, setup as new and jailbreak again with Pangu 1.1.
    Those little stars are the problem, so forget them and also you don't need to install ppsync.
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    2014-08-24 06:35 PM