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    Every time I try to delete a listing in my call history the app crashes. I restarted the iphone in safe mode and that didn't make a difference, the phone is of course jailbroken. I have an Iphone 4S on ios 7.0.6. Calllogpro used to be my go to but I cant find a version that supports ios 7.0.6, is there another app or maybe a windows program? I am looking for facts not opinions please n thank you.

    Are you talking about recent calls from the native phone app?

    Kill the phone app in App Switcher, open iFile, navigate to /var/wireless/Library/CallHistory and delete call_history.db
    Then make sure the ownership for CallHistory folder is _wireless/_wireless and the access permissions are read-write-execute/read-execute/read-execute.

    Then reboot the phone (not the same thing as respring!).

    After the reboot iOS will create another (empty) call_history.db file.

    If you want to delete some calls (not all) you have to edit the above file with a db editor.
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    Good thing you solved your own problem!
    2015-04-26 03:36 AM