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    Hi, everyone,
    I am new to iphone. I am not sure if I am part of AT&T customers. The situation is: I have been under a contract with cingular for two years. Couple months ago, I bought an iphone from the black market. A friend of my friends helped me bypass the activation process and jailbroken/unlock the phone. Now, next to the singal bar, the network appears to be "Cingular". Now I have problem with one of my iphone's speakers (no sound at all), I went online to apple store to check if my iphone is still under the limited warranty. It said the expiration day is in August 2008. If I walk in to the store and ask for the repair, if I downgrade the phone and virginize it to the original state, will the tech guy find out if the phone was jailbroken before?
    If they ask for the AT&T phone number, will my cingular phone number considered as one? Hope you guys can help me to solve this problem. Thank you ahead.
    2008-03-24 11:14 PM
  2. dannhamilton's Avatar
    the iPhone only has ONE speaker ...
    the right "speaker" is a Microphone
    2008-03-24 11:38 PM
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    the iPhone only has ONE speaker ...
    the right "speaker" is a Microphone
    what he said. Also cingular is now known as "AT&T"

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    2008-03-24 11:43 PM
  4. dannhamilton's Avatar
    what do you mean by "black market"
    if its a stolen iPhone im sure they'll no by the Serial Number...
    2008-03-24 11:45 PM
  5. derektrang's Avatar
    I bought it from the flee market, to dannhamilton, how would they know if it was stolen. I also tried registering the product with that serial number. Nothing seems happen.

    what he said. Also cingular is now known as "AT&T"
    To what you said, even if it appears as Cingular network, I am considered as one of the AT&T customers. If I think of getting an exchange with Apple Store, do you know what I should do with this jailbroken iphone?
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    2008-03-25 12:13 AM
  6. pokekid's Avatar
    the iphone only has one speaker and they are both the same network att now because of the reformation of the company. you are gonna be out of luck trying to get a replacement with no activation.
    2008-03-25 12:27 AM
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    We have 5 phones on an ATT family plan (2 of them iPhones) Because teh last couple of phones we bought were purchased on e-bay and unlocked we just pop in our old sim card. My son's sim card is about 3 years old and still says Cingular as the carrier yet hes using a brand new Moto V3xx. My old sim card also said Cingular and it wasnt until i bought my iPhone with a new sim did my carrier say ATT. Now its irrelevant since I have a custom png for my carrier LOL!
    2008-03-25 03:21 PM