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    hi everyone
    i have a unlocked 1.1.2 oob now upgraded to 1.1.4 everything works fine except my sleep wake button
    while in a call if i press the sleep wake button it ends the call and the slide to unlock screen appears .....normally the call is not supposed to end when i press the sleep wake button...can anyone help me with this.
    one more problem i have is while in call my phone goes to sleep mode .....i cant use any of the buttons nothing happens when i hit the home button and if i use the sleep wake button it gets disconnected can anyone kindly help me
    please help guys

    i mean the power button when i say sleep wake button
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    does someone face a similar situation ...........kindly help

    hi everyone,
    i figured it out .....i am posting this as someone with a similar situation can fix or actually understand why this is happening
    1) the sleep wake button will (it is intended to) end the call when you are using the ear piece, but if u use it along with the speaker phone it only locks the screen and does not end the call
    2) the reason why my phone was going into sleep mode while in the call was due to the silicon cover i used on my iphone......the iphone actually has a proximity sensor which is situated right next to the ear piece ( which was blocked by the iphone silicon cover i was using)causing it to go to sleep mode, removing the silicon cover solved the issue
    i hope this post would help some one with a similar problem ...check link it shows the location of the sensor

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