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    I use the keyboard shortcut functions of iOS 8 extensively. I'm in the military and I'm stationed in Hawaii...which means a lot of names of things that the stock keyboard doesn't recognize, and a lot of military acronyms. I have iCloud backup turned on. My wife uses the same iTunes account on her phone.

    I have a ton of shortcuts but let's just use a random example. I have a shortcut "un" that shortcuts to my standard forum username Matth3w. She hates this shortcut, so I deleted it and she deleted it off the phones.

    IT KEEPS FREAKING REAPPEARING ON MY PHONE!!! I delete the darn thing once a day and it keeps coming back. I've verified it's off both phones. WTF is going on?

    Doesn't iCloud and keyboard shortcut syncing work like Dropbox/Google Drive? Where the latest change is the one that is sync'd across all devices??? If I have Drive installed and I delete a file it certainly doesn't put it back on my computer again randomly each day, it DELETES it from the other devices/computers using Drive.

    How can I get the shortcuts to sync properly? It does it even if I turn off iCloud backup!!

    I even tried redoing it. So instead of just deleting the shortcut "un" I redid it to make it something else like abc = ABC. But on reboot, it simply downloads and ADDS the shortcut. So now I have like four shortcuts for "un". Obviously it's an iCloud issue, as you cannot add multiple of the same shortcut on your own, it gives an error message.

    iOS 8.1 although this has been going on since I can remember. iOS 7 or 8.
    2015-01-09 02:44 AM