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    Hi all.
    Had this problem a while, I don't know if anyone else will have had it but I'm hoping someone can shed light on possibly how to fix.

    Occasionally when I open mail app instead of been greeted with my emails from the 2 accounts I have synced, I will be greeted instead with an inbox full of apparently unread emails with No sender, no subject and from the year 1970 (see attached photo.)

    Emails no sender from 1970.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1422548426.969280.jpg

    Anyone know why this happens or able to offer a solution.

    2015-01-29 05:20 PM
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    Here are some discussions I have found, all a bit old, but in any case it happened before to many users....maybe, there is a solution somewhere...

    Weird emails dated 01/01/1970 - Microsoft Community

    Receiving blank email dated 01/01/1970 ? mozillaZine Forums

    iPhone 4 owners bugged by time traveling email | Electricpig

    I have seen one user, who apparently solved the problem with switching the push of for one day, than rebooted the phone and after that those annoying mails were gone.

    You can also try with rebooting the phone, switching between inbox and sent items folder....
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    2015-01-29 05:29 PM