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    So I have had a jailbroken iphone 6 for probably about a month now. Everytime I ran into a problem I was normally able to fix it by looking up the problem online and following the instructions I found. But I downloaded convergence the other day and have had a ridiculously large amount of problems ever since. I will try to explain all of them to you and then give you the list of all my tweaks.

    Firstly, my device tends to crash quite a bit. Mostly when I go to respring. It takes a while for it to shut off at first and then certain elements on the screen will disappear before the rest finally does. Then the screen goes black and the little loading circle shows up for a moment until it finally crashes. I have to stgart it up manually and its always in safe mode Sometimes when it resprings it also kind of does a little blur first and then resprings normally. That one doesnt seem to be affecting the iphone all that much. It doesnt turn back on in safe mode at least, unlike my first example.

    Another problem I have sometimes is that I will hit the home button and the lock screen will appear on top of my regular lockscreen without convergence enabled. I just have to lock then unlock again and it goes away.

    The most annying one is also the one that occurs the least. All of my icons will not work. When you tap them they appear to b tapped on the screen but the app doesnt start. I try searching them on spotlight and they appear but won't start as well.

    I think the last problem is that proba bly about half of my toggles are not visible on the toggle screen. The space that they would normally be placed in is still there but the toggle isn't. I think that is all lol.
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    A Lot of problems-5003.jpg  
    2015-02-18 10:59 PM
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    I forgot two pics. And this isn't related but since around when I first jailbroke my phone Itunes has not been able to fully sync my device. It starts up and the rest of the computer can see it, but once I go to sync it it almost finishes and is at the end itA Lot of problems-2015-02-18-11.50.02.pngA Lot of problems-2015-02-18-11.50.46.png says something like the iphone cannot be synced unknown error occurred. (-54)
    2015-02-18 11:19 PM
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    I'm seeing tons of illicit repositories in there.

    Officially: we cannot provide support with pirated tweaks.

    Unofficially: those illicit repositories are likely part of the problem. Start uninstalling tweaks (starting with the pirated items) and see when it clears up.
    2015-02-18 11:30 PM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Agree, cracked apps/repos will cause serious issues.

    Error -54

    Permission error either on your computer or the device.
    2015-02-18 11:34 PM
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    Crack kills! That includes iPhones?
    2015-02-19 12:10 AM