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    According to the Genius ppl at Apple, unfortunately my IOS is corrupted causing battery draining etc... When they looked up my iPhone 6 it had showed that my battery is practically new so the only explanation to my problem is "corrupted ios".

    Long story short the only way to fix this issue is to delete everything and start my phone as "new", re-download all my apps, transfer all my photos etc..

    But what can I do about my SMS/Text messages? how can I save all my SMS and transfer it back to my "New" iphone without having to restore from backup?

    I was told that there are 3rd party apps that i can purchase that can save all my SMS on my computer and transfer it back to my phone without having to restore from backup.

    Any suggestions on how i can fix this issue/3rd party apps? Thanks in advance.
    2015-04-06 06:16 PM
  2. n0n0_no's Avatar
    are these programs reliable? not a scam, virus etc...

    any chance there's another way to fix this issue without having to purchase anything?
    2015-04-12 07:02 AM
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    Yes, those should be reliable and are definitely no scam. Why would I suggest you a scam site?
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    2015-04-12 08:55 AM
  4. n0n0_no's Avatar
    Didn't mean to offend you, just wanted to make sure. I read up on a review on "Iphone backup extractor" and he had said that the program acts like a virus, constantly popping up etc... But that was just that 1 review, others seemed to be fine with it.

    Im leaning towards the Iphone backup extractor, read the description and it seemed to solve the issue im having.

    Thanks for the help. Apologies if i offended you bbrks
    2015-04-12 10:05 AM
  5. bbrks's Avatar
    No please, no need for that, it's just....we don't deal here with scam sites....
    2015-04-12 10:35 AM