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    Hey everyone, I woke up this morning to my usual iPhone alarm sound, and slid the bar across to turn it off.. as i did so, i recieved an incoming call and answered it.

    After finishing the brief call, i locked the iPhone as usual.

    Now... when i hit the home button and slide the unlock slider across, the phone opens up as usual, but there are no icons... just a small white dot in the center of the screen. I have my normal wallpaper showing, and also the top bar showing the carrier logo, wifi logo and bars... time etc... just no icons.

    And... when i hold down the "switch off" button... the phone doesnt respond... just makes the screen go blank when you release the button.

    Have tried removing the SIM, but it doesnt really have an effect. When i recieve a text message, i get the small preview window appear, but i cannot make the "ignore" or "view" button activate when i press it.

    It seems doing too many things at once (answering a call whilst turning off the alarm) has messed it up.

    Help!.. Any ideas how to solve this? Shall i just let the battery run out and reboot it that way?

    Also, i can recieve and answer phone calls ok.. after pressing either the answer or reject button, the screen just returns to the "white dot" and normal wallpaper.

    Problem solved... held down the home and power button for 10 seconds which reset the phone.
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