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    Fix SpringBoard Layout: IconState.plist Open, Edit, Replace, Insert from Backups & Respring
    I've got an older iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.3 - 32 bit HomeDepot Jailbreak,
    slowly transferring to iPhone 6 iOS 10.2 - Yalu Jailbreak.

    • 2015, around transition from iOS 7.1.1 to 9.0.2,the iTunes sync messed up and the JB window was gone, got left with 100s of disorganized apps & messsed up Springboard layout.

    • Luckily I'd backed up SpringBoard Layout; old backups of i5's IconSupportState.plist that was to be converted to and replace IconState.plist as per instruction from the tweak Developer since folder support had improved from iOS 7 to 9.

    • On i5 (not i6), despite HD JB & several tweak reinstalls, have been unable to root File System access via afc2add or Apple File Conduit 2 (App FC2) working on iFunbox or iMazing.

    • Even OpenSSH runs for a while, but then I have to reinstall it in Cydia.

    • Using WinSCP I've been able to access & backup /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard and use Notepad++ which has a plugin to open & edit IconSupportState.plist & IconState.plist & DesiredIconState.plist.

    • Due to Notepad++ & XML background I understand the structure & once fixed to how I want, I'd like to replace it on my i5.

    • I'd assume that once copied from PC to i5, to get it "active" I need to re-spring. For some reason, I've been unable to get that to "take".

    • What's the best steps &/ right tweak to Respring/ Reboot for this?
    • Is there a better path/location to where I can upload the .plist?
    • Is there another way for me to replace the SpringBoard .plist(s)?
    • What are the newer SB layout backup tweaks?
    • Any thoughts on how I can get Full Raw File System via USB & OpenSSH via WiFi working properly on i5 iOS 9.3.3 HomeDepot JB?
    2017-04-27 04:46 PM