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    iOS 9.3.3 HomeDepot JB: Access Raw File System via iFunbox/ iMazing etc apps? OpenSSH bug? Fixed?

    Apple File Conduit:
    - afc2add / Apple File Conduit 2- I have yet to get full jailbroken File System access via this mechanism as I used to with iFunbox/ iMazing. Any thoughts on what's wrong?
    - Some people mentioned it working, but I think it's mostly Yalu 10.x users
    - One fellow mentioned that it was working on one his iPads - but he had to reinstall once recently
    - Someone mentioned installed afc2add and then Apple FC2 over on top (which removes afc2add).
    Any sequence, order of installation or bug fix via which someone getting this to work?

    OpenSSH: Apparently something to do with the daemon not starting or remaining on?
    - Open SSH works for sometime and has to be Reinstalled before whenever I wish to use it via WinSCP
    - For some reason at times mTerminal can access it even when WinSCP cannot
    - But, I keep having to reintall it (which is a pain).

    Thanks in advance. Any thougts/ experiences?
    2017-04-29 09:36 AM