1. anirudh_rao's Avatar
    Hey guys, I need some really good help on this one... I am planning to take on the EDGE plan to check my mails on the iphone. As edge is not very popular in the place where I come from I dont know much about it. All I want to know is whether I can have a service like gtalk on the iphone which notifies me the moment I get a mail in my inbox? also, are there any instant messengers for the iphone? Sorry if this sounds noob like, but I really am one when it comes to mobile internet
    2007-10-08 02:52 PM
  2. Sidetalker's Avatar
    a few things you should know... Edge will work only if you have a good strong att signal in your area (will still work with a weak one but not as fast) I can confirm that both yahoo and gmail will alert you when you get new messages but i am not positive about other email providers. Right now there is no apple made chat function (although rumors of one to come in a future update) but there are more then enough very useable webpages made to be used with the iPhone that have aim, MSN, etc.

    Thank me if this helped you

    On and btw I'm on my iPhone on edge right now
    2007-10-08 03:18 PM