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  1. anirudh_rao's Avatar
    I dont understand whats happening and help would really be appreciated. I unlocked my phone using anySIM and it was working fine until one day the network of the SIM card stopped getting detected. Then I tried to use the unlock app once again, and it told me "could not find files to patch". Now my phone is DEAD slow... and it takes two minutes to go into any menu I click... can some one tell me what to do... PLEASE
    2007-10-08 05:05 PM
  2. ReVan's Avatar
    Seems like you didn't read the anySIM warning, it says: Do not run anySIM twice.

    Anyways, restore the phone to Factory settings and unlock it again, this time DO NOT install and run anySIM

    Please follow these two guides:
    #1. Restore to Factory Settings
    #2. Unlocking iPhone v1.0.2 + YouTube + Installer
    2007-10-08 06:21 PM