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    Hey guys, if you've been wanting to browse the iPhone's stock files, and copy them to your computer etc, from within Finder, then this guide is for you.

    The restore .dmg from Apple has all the iPhone's stock files, and can be mounted on your computer with some special instructions.

    Mounting the .dmg.

    I have now added instructions on how to mount and browse oth .dmgs.
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    2007-07-20 07:09 PM
  2. arthursdomain's Avatar
    anyone want to pack it up in a nice zip file for windows folk to get at?
    2007-07-20 09:21 PM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I suppose so... except its 150 MB. Link me to a file sharing service that hosts files that big. I'm not hosting that, ha. Not with the amount of downloads it'll get.

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    2007-07-20 09:54 PM