1. sirluis94's Avatar
    Ok i got my iphone last friday... I love it but my battery dies in like 4-6 hours... I dont even use it... and well i use Ziphone's "do it all" button for jailbreak activate and unlock.. So i'm going to return it and please tell me what to do to put it back to it's factory state. I'm going to restore it, put the atnt sim back on it and that's it right? I believe the unlock is still going to be in place so does apple care about the unlock, will they check at the store. Cuz i'm just going in telling them my iphone is being stupid and that's it dies 2 freaking fast...

    never mind guys already done, i got my money back, but they didnt have anymore iphones so getting a new one on monday. hopefully the battery works
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    2008-03-30 03:40 AM
  2. ksig24's Avatar
    Did you have any problems returning it? I am going to return mine tomorrow because of the speaker. Can they tell we did any mods to the phone?
    2008-04-01 10:07 AM
  3. F.A.'s Avatar
    Hi Im also interested in what you need to do to return an iphone which has been unlocked?
    2008-04-01 11:50 AM
  4. Primopup's Avatar
    You are not returning nothing! If you used ZiPhone you downgraded your bootloader, Apple Techs will see that rite away and tell you any return, or warranty is now VOIDED!
    2008-04-01 03:58 PM
  5. moorex's Avatar
    I bought mine from an ATT store and exchanged the first one I got after I f'd up the unlock, and they had no clue, but charged me a crappy 10% re-stocking fee... which is their standard charge for returning/exchanging an iphone.
    2008-04-01 04:21 PM
  6. Jules5's Avatar
    I too recently returned my iPhone for a 16gb. I had the 8gb previously, I restored the iPhone to the orginal state using the iPhone Restore and of course don't choose to use backup. When you go to the apple store they will make sure everything is in the box and turn it on. Of course it will show the normal OTB screen, and they will think it was never activated. So you should be fine. Being that you are in the two weeks and its never been activated, won't raise a red flag to them.
    2008-04-01 08:29 PM
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