1. Barryley's Avatar
    Seriously. I probably sound like a right thicko to people who understand this kind of stuff. But I want to transfer some of the music/pictures from my laptop onto my iphone. How on earth do I do it?

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me how?
    2008-03-31 03:41 PM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    use iTunes to sync music, contacs, pictures, videos, calendar
    2008-03-31 03:54 PM
  3. Barryley's Avatar
    Thanks jtesnani. But how does that work exactly? is there not a way of doing it without itunes? For one thing, I have no wireless where I live and if I travel to the nearest wireless spot, I can't bring my pc.

    I have a load of stuff I want to put on my phone. I don't want to pay for it all again. Also, I have some picture files that I downloaded off the web and I want to use them as wall papers...

    Bluetooth doesn't seem to work. And when I connect vie the stand thing, it allows me to put pics from the phone to the PC, but not to put anything from the PC to the phone...
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    2008-03-31 04:07 PM
  4. chillypbear's Avatar
    Hi Barryley,

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can only add your songs, pictures, etc. with Itunes. You don't need wireless or any internet for that matter. Connect your iphone to your PC like you would any ipod and it should come up in itunes. There are several tabs and you by clicking on each tab you can choose what pictures you want to upload, what playlists to add and if you want to sync your contacts and calendar from the info saved on your outlook. If you have an iPod then you are probably used to dragging and dropping songs but unfortunatly with the iPhone you have to "sync" it. You simply create playlists for the your songs and then you can select them to add to your iPhone.

    Let me know if that makes sense.

    I am assuming you are either on AT&T or you have unlocked/activated/etc. your phone and itunes can read it normally.
    2008-03-31 04:38 PM
  5. Barryley's Avatar
    Hi. I really don't understand. I am very new to this and have never owned an ipod.

    When you say "connect" my phone to the PC, what do you mean? I have this stand, that has a usb lead attached. And when I plug the phone into that stand, nothing appears that says itunes. All I seem to be able to do is upload pics from my phone to the PC, but there is no facility to move stuff from the PC to the phone

    Do I have to download the itunes software for my PC from somewhere?

    And I don't live in America, but Spain. And my phone is unlocked, yes.
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    2008-03-31 05:12 PM
  6. jtesnani's Avatar
    yes, download itunes from apple.com

    aren't there instructions in the box where the phone came in with?
    2008-03-31 05:12 PM
  7. Barryley's Avatar
    Yes, there were instructions, but unfortunately I bought my iphone from a Norwegian friend, and I don't speak the lingo...
    2008-03-31 05:15 PM
  8. jtesnani's Avatar
    then go to apple.com, download itunes, and while it's downloading, read up on the iphone on their website. that will at least get you started
    2008-03-31 05:17 PM
  9. Barryley's Avatar
    Cheers. I'll try that now. But I bet its not as easy as I'm hoping...
    2008-03-31 05:20 PM
  10. jtesnani's Avatar
    since you've never had an ipod, it may take a LITTLE more time than others who are familiar with the program, but honestly, it can't get any easier than connecting your phone to itunes, itunes recognizing your phone, set up how you want things to be synced, and sync.

    just read the instructions on how to start using an iphone, and also read on this website it has a lot of useful information. use the guides page
    2008-03-31 05:21 PM