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    We are a Los Angeles based web 3.0 start up company seeking a talented programmer to join our team. Currently we are developing a cutting edge mobile video codec that will revolutionize the mobile advertising market.

    We are looking for an individual that can help develop a working prototype in order to secure funding. In exchange we are offering future employment opportunity and profit sharing. We are open to the amount of time this person can spend on the project per week and are flexible in accommodating your schedule. The ideal candidate will possess a high level of self-motivation and drive with the utmost attention to detail. We are seeking above average talent with no initial pay. In trade we are offering our idea and a percentage of ownership in the company. This opportunity will be awarded to the candidate who best displays willingness to dive into a project “head first” and join our team with open ambition. We want to turn this idea into reality and make history with the right person.

    We need to be clear that this is a share-stake opportunity and is not paid on a salary or hourly basis. If you have a real passion for open-source web development, and are willing to do what it takes to join our team then please read on.

    Required experience related to development:

    - Strong knowledge of Unix based OS.
    - Strong experience with HTML and Javascript.
    - Strong scripting skills (Perl/Python/Ruby, bash, etc.).
    - Experience with H.264 and Quicktime video graphics.
    - Strong experience with C and object-oriented programming,
    Preferably Objective-C.
    - Experience with Mac OS X tools (Xcode, performance tools, etc.)
    - Unix command-line environment.
    - Cocoa application programming.
    - Web 2.0 technologies: AJAX, Javascript, CSS.
    - XML technologies: REST, SOAP, XSLT.
    - Professional Web development experience.
    - Preferred Experience: Leading and managing a team of
    - Strong sense of commitment and responsibility.
    - Strong verbal and written communication skills.
    - Excellent teamwork, analytical and problem solving skills.
    - Experience with writing technical implementation
    specifications and test plans.

    Please send all responses to [email protected]
    2007-10-11 09:59 AM