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    this is my 1st post here!

    I bought a refurb 8gb Iphone(1.1.4) last week and unlocked/jailbroke it using ziphone 2.6. I currently have sprint and my contract runs out in December so i wanted to use the iphone like and ipod touch without contract until then.

    I love the iphone and all the apps ect. Here is my dilema-my wifi works everyhwere else in the world except my on home wireless router!!!! my unlocked phone and my girlfriends OTB non jailbroke att phone cant connect on our wireless home network! My macbook picks up the signal fine and otherwise the router is perfect. I have a 2year old wireless netgear g router. Anyone know why or have suggestions??

    it is NOT greyed out like some seem to have that problem. Not me.
    I would say 20% of time i can pick up my signal and 100% the time it wont connect and say it cant find edge. It automatcially wants to use edge(i dont have edge as im not with a phone provider). I have been doing research and some websites mention MAC address issues perhaps my my router doesnt have a whole lot of options concerning that.

    I think i have tried everything and played with everysetting on my router and the phone! it sucks having to go Panera Bread or the library or apple store to use the wifi!!! Please respond if you can help! Thanks!
    2008-04-01 03:43 AM
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    Have you try and reset your router? I had to reset my netgear router.
    2008-04-01 03:48 AM
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    you know..... i havent actually done that. let me give it try right now. thanks for the suggestion. I will let u know if it works.... god i hope!

    i just reset my router twice! i still cant get on! whats worse now is when trying to get on my macbook when i type my wep password it says "connection timeout" so now i cant even get my mac book wireless!!! ahhhh maybe im a dummy but i dunno.

    funniest part is my iphone picks up 3-4 networks from around the neighborhood very easily(protected networks) but mine hardly ever shows up! i honestly can understand how if i go to wifi park/cafe/library it works wifi perfectly! but at my own home it's crap! i dunno if i should go out and buy the new airport extreme (with N) or if i would be waisting money? i know it HAS to be an issue with the router but I only have mediocre pc skills. I cant figure it out. any other suggestions??
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    2008-04-01 06:22 AM
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    Try this go to settings> general> reset> and click Reset Network Settings....
    2008-04-01 06:30 AM
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    just tried that. phone rebooted. went to wifi networks it shows 3 networks , none of them are mine. The "wireless" light on the netgear router is on meaning i know the signal is going out. when i check my macbook my ssid name showsup. i cannot connect my macbook when typing in my wep now since i resetted my router nor will my iphone show the network but i bet if i walked about 10 houses down i bet i will pick up 1 of my neigbors unprotected networks in like 2 seconds. This is probably the most frustrating thing i have expeirenced in a loonnng time.

    im open to more suggestions. im desperate!!!! lol.

    the only other thing that keeps sticking in my mind is when i very 1st got this router i named the ssid the default "NETGEAR". After a while i changed it. So i have been using the newer name secured for a majority of the time but when i check my wifi connections it shows my newer ssid name but the "NETGEAR" always shows up to on the list as well. Unless someone else is using that network name now? I dont even know if that matters or not?
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    2008-04-01 06:40 AM
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    Dose you wifi name show up if so click on it and input your password.
    2008-04-01 06:44 AM
  7. stoutman11's Avatar
    on my iphone my network isnt showing up at all. it will usually show up 1/10 times.

    on my macbook it is showing my ssid network name, when i click on it and type in my password it now says connection timeout.
    2008-04-01 06:50 AM
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    Testing Connections with Ping

    Ping is one of the first tools to use to check computer, router and Internet connectivity. It's run at a command prompt, but getting the basic information is quite easy. You can do the whole thing in 30 seconds.

    1. To run ping, type Start > Run.
    2. Type cmd in the Run window, and click OK. A black and white command line window pops up.
    3. Type ping followed by an IP address or a DNS address.
    4. Press Enter to execute the command. Three useful examples:
    1. ping (This is a "loopback ping" — your computer trying to talk to itself. This tests whether your computer is able to handle Ethernet traffic. If this has a negative result, the computer has an operating system problem.)
    2. ping (If the result is "Request timed out", type ping If that also times out, then the computer is not making a connection to your router.)
    3. ping www.netgear.com. (Tests whether your computer can contact Internet computers.)

    When there is no problem, the ping results look as shown in the following screenshot. Three items of interest in the results are highlighted with arrows.

    The first arrow shows the computer being contacted is replying. (The DNS address "www.netgear.com" is converted by ping into the equivalent IP address, This shows both that your network is connnected to the Internet, and that that computer on the Internet is running normally. www.netgear.com is always running, so this is a good test address to use.

    The second arrow shows that Ethernet packets have "0% loss". This is the best possible result. It means that the network connection is lightly loaded, and that it has not been necessary to transmit any of the same information twice.

    The third arrow shows the average time it took to answer. "Average = 0ms" is the best possible result. Probably you'll only get responses this quickly from computers on your own network.
    2008-04-01 07:04 AM