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    I have $400 to spent via PayPal. I want to buy a iphone using PayPal but can't find any online sites that do this. No, I do not use Ebay so do not recommend this. Basically, I have $400 in my paypal which is hooked up to a CC. No bank account is set on it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions where I can buy a IPhone (With no plan - just the standard one) for $400 or so using PayPal? I mean....that or I buy a iPhone from someone which I dont want to do.

    2007-10-13 02:16 AM
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    I take paypal

    Ebay is the only way to go in this case since I am not likely selling my phone anytime soon. (this is subject to change on a whim)

    (but when I do, it's gonna be a heck of a sale. Fully modded - every app, but never unlocked so a solid baseband and the option to upgrade without fear.... and no account ties, I use it as a PDA with no sim )
    2007-10-13 02:23 AM
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    thread moved!
    2007-10-13 02:24 AM
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    That sucks. (I wonder why I can't see my first post...)

    Ebay uses CC, I don't like that. I have a account there with moms CC, but never use it as I dont want money being taken out of her acc.
    2007-10-13 02:28 AM
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    thread moved!
    I don't know how you did it....... but can ya move the response to this thread too that is still in the other forum somehow? LOL.
    2007-10-13 02:29 AM
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    That was really weird.
    All fixed though. =D
    2007-10-13 02:32 AM
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    Possibly any other suggestions bud?
    2007-10-13 02:36 AM
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    As far as I know, stores have to be authorxzied to sell iPods and iPhones.
    Your best bet would be out Buy/Sell/Trade forum.
    2007-10-13 02:41 AM
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    You need 30-31 posts to post there. That sucks.
    2007-10-13 02:58 AM
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    Yeah, we have that policy so people don't spam, and are more likely to be trustworthy. Go make a few more posts and then you can post there =D
    2007-10-13 10:33 PM
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    You dont always need a CC to buy on Ebay. I would take a check in certain circumstances but you are unlikky to find a 400 iPhone there.
    2007-10-13 10:56 PM
  12. impuLsive's Avatar
    Any other suggestions guys? I found a person that was selling it for $300, but hes from nigeria so theres no way Im doing that.
    2007-10-14 03:59 AM
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    just do a paypal request and they will send u the money by check
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    2007-10-14 04:17 AM
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    Any other suggestions guys? I found a person that was selling it for $300, but hes from nigeria so theres no way Im doing that.
    Oh, no? And why is that?

    Seriously, take another look at Ebay. You DO NOT always need a credit card to make purchases there. You're cutting out probably the largest seller of iPods/iPhones besides Apple themselves.

    Otherwise, Craigslist maybe, depending on where you are...I wish you good luck. $400 is gonna be tough.
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    2007-10-14 04:19 AM
  15. impuLsive's Avatar
    I find Ebay rather expensive....such as $500 and $550 iphones.

    2007-10-15 03:31 AM
  16. j3wbagell's Avatar
    I bought mine on facebook believe it or not only 250 fro an 8gb

    My parents didn't pay for my iPhone.
    *If i help you hit that "Thanks" button for me*
    2007-10-15 04:20 AM
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    Seriously? Damn.
    2007-10-15 01:01 PM