1. thesheephair's Avatar
    Dad bought the iphone to show customers what we where giving away for orders over 500 etc etc

    So he bought it in December, didnt bother acitivating it or anything as he didnt need to use the iphone itself, just to show it to people. So it was rarely turned on.(he didint jailbreak or acitivate it illegally or anything)

    He gave it to me on Monday, i put it in the dock loaded up itunes, was about to acitvate it through itunes, but was called for dinner, went downstairs come upstairs to a stupidly hot ihpone thats burning and a cracked screen, take it of the dock and let it cool down.

    I took it to apple, they say, due to the fact it hasnt been activated we cant do anything about it.

    Took it to carphone warehouse, they said its cosmetic damage we cant do anything about it.

    Took it back to apple and they said we cant do anything, you have to take it up with apple care.

    So i did and spoke to a supervisor, got a case number, he told me to take pictures and email them to him, he passed them on to an engineer who shoud reply either today or tomorrows latest. Then they will send a courier?

    What the hell is it with CPW and Apple (both in Meadowhall Sheffield)
    Where do i stand if he says they cant take it in for repair or replacement??
    2008-04-02 11:13 AM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    I think that Apple saying that they can't do anything because it's not activated is a bold-faced lie. The product was defective, they have to give you a replacement; under their warranty.
    2008-04-02 05:09 PM