1. ksig24's Avatar
    I have made some ringtones and manually moved them to my iPhone using iTunes, however when I try to add another song the same song shows up twice. Is there a way I can remove all of the custom ringtones from my phone? Thanks
    2008-04-03 01:30 AM
  2. GregTheWang's Avatar
    All the custom ringtones from your phone? Just uncheck them from your iPhone section of iTunes and sync. But I think there's a different solution to your problem than just removing the ringtones altogether. I think we can help you better if you can be a bit clearer in your explanation of your problem.
    2008-04-03 01:33 AM
  3. ksig24's Avatar
    Ok, well let me attempt this once more.

    I create ringtones in .m4r format
    drag them into the ringtones section of iTunes
    then drag the ringtone to the iPhone
    when I go into the sounds, ringtones section of my iPhone there are two songs listed as the same title.

    I would like to remove them altogether, but Im not too familiar with how to do this.


    Figured it out for those of you who dont know how to do it.
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    2008-04-03 02:41 AM
  4. Taniban's Avatar
    I'm also not too sure what you mean but have you tried removing the ringtone from itunes and then syncing your itunes with your iphone?

    If the ringtone is then gone from your iphone, just put the ringtone back into itunes and DO NOt drag it into the iphone... just sync it and you should be left with your ringtone on custom sounds and no duplicate.
    2008-04-03 02:42 AM
  5. Simtech's Avatar
    Tell iTunes not to sync ringtones....
    2008-04-03 02:48 AM
  6. Taniban's Avatar
    didnt the person want to remove the ringtone duplicates on the iphone? so how does not syncing with itunes help?
    2008-04-03 02:54 AM
  7. ksig24's Avatar
    I still cant get it to stop doubling all my ringtones. I added Roxanne and three other tones and they all showed up on my phone as Roxanne. Unbelievable.
    2008-04-03 03:33 AM
  8. cpjr's Avatar
    If you have a WinPC....just download "IRinger" (google it, its free)

    This program will allow you to take any song, cut what you want to use as a ringtone and AUTOMATICALLY puts it into the ringtones section of Itunes....just sync your phone!
    2008-04-03 03:36 AM
  9. Taniban's Avatar
    how are you making your ringtones?
    2008-04-03 03:37 AM
  10. ksig24's Avatar
    I'm using Audiko. Love that program. I used to use iFuntastic and that worked well too, in fact I am thinking about going back to it right now.
    2008-04-03 03:38 AM
  11. Taniban's Avatar
    audiko should give you no problems, I have made all my ringtones from there... your problem is just so strange! lol.
    2008-04-03 03:44 AM
  12. ksig24's Avatar
    My problem is not making the ringtones. My problem seems to be inside of iTunes which I am now leaning towards another program for putting them on my phone.
    2008-04-03 03:52 AM