1. zsuns's Avatar
    I was restarting my springboard by respring, and the phone was respringing for about 5 mintues, so i restarted the phone, and now whenever the phone startsup, it stays on the apple logo, but i can still SSH into it so i know the other functions of it work like wifi.

    what should i do ?
    2008-04-04 01:44 AM
  2. Safari's Avatar
    That happened to my iPod Touch..the only way i could get it back is to restore wich sucks..
    2008-04-04 01:45 AM
  3. zsuns's Avatar
    yeah i think im going to have to do that because i even tried to boot my iphone in normal mode with ZiPhone, and my phone got stuck on the connect to itunes logo, but my phones memory still was there.
    2008-04-04 01:47 AM