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    Hi guys .... I hope you're ok ..


    My problem told that one icon which ( FieldTest ) didn't change when I change to any theme ... the icon still the same ... but other icons changed ???
    I wonder why ...

    I should make this icon change normally like their sisters

    By the way

    I recently changed my original theme to Duracell theme by iPhoneHackToolkit1.0 ..... I tried huandred time to return or restore my original theme ( Black ) but I can't ... even ( Customize : the program ) can't restore ( Duracell theme became the default theme ..Ooo no man )
    what should I do guys -- don't tell me to do Hard reset impassible man ...


    best wishes to the stuff and everyone who help to make unkown - known
    2007-10-13 11:57 PM