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    This is a thread for my fellow GLBT iPhone lovers! I am currently taking regular stock icons and adding a rainbow effect to them :-) As you can see, right now I have modified the signal indicator from blue to rainbow bars :-) Also, when the battery is fully charged, it shows a rainbow :-) Let me know if you have any ideas to rainbow-ize!

    Edit 10.25.07: You can't actually "see" the image because my website went down - in the middle of switching hosts - i'll upload it though so you can see what it looks like.
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    2007-10-15 09:58 PM
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    Very nice!

    How do I go about getting the rainbow signal bars?

    2007-10-17 03:51 AM
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    well, it depends on how familiar you are using ibrickr or any other app that allows you access to you phones file directory...its very easy if you know your way around the file system of your phone...if not, i can walk you through it :-) Just let me know! :-)
    2007-10-17 06:24 AM
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    haha nice taste the rainbow
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    2007-10-17 06:28 AM
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    haha nice taste the rainbow
    I think ive yet to come across a thread you havent spammed in

    You 1 line every topic on this site ...

    GoGo +1's


    Edit: 46 posts per day in fact LOL
    2007-10-18 03:35 AM
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    I think ive yet to come across a thread you havent spammed in

    You 1 line every topic on this site ...

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    Edit: 46 posts per day in fact LOL
    lol, i couldnt agree with you more
    2007-10-18 08:09 AM
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    me too!
    2007-10-18 08:44 AM
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    hi fellow GLBT friend!! love the rainbow signal bars.
    Upload them so i can put them on my phone please?

    2007-10-19 12:07 AM
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    Attached is the Rainbow Signal Bars and the Rainbow Battery Full icon - *note* The Rainbow Battery Full icon ONLY shows when the phone is plugged in and fully charged.

    Also, they are all in .png format - DO NOT CONVERT OR CHANGE THE FORMAT OF THESE IMAGES OR THEY WON'T WORK! (I know from personal experience...haha)

    Also, when you open the BatteryBG_17.png file on your computer, it's going to look like it has this "shitty shawdow", not to worry, it doesn't show on the phone :-)

    Now, I'm not sure where you guys will put these files to work for you, everyone's directories are going to be different depending on what you have installed - for me, they are located in /system/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/ and drop them in there - also, just a lil warning, i'd highly recommend backing up your old images before putting the new ones :-)

    Edit 10.25.07: Also, I guess it would help to let you know what files are what....lol

    Ok, so, the signal bars are called (on my iPhone at least):



    I'm not really sure why there are two sets...haven't figured that out yet...lol

    And my battery bars are called:
    BatteryBG_6.png......all the way through to BatteryBG_17.png (didn't feel like typing them all...you get the point lol)
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