1. shawn o's Avatar
    I'm new to modding my Iphone and am a bit confused about icons, themes, etc...

    I know how to change icons (stock and 3rd party) one by one via the icon.png or whatever in the corresponding folder.

    I've added some themes to my phone through summerboard. I make a folder with the dock, wallpaper, mini dock files and a folder named Icons and somehow all the icons on the phone are changed. Does the phone and/or summerboard somehow search through the icon folder file names and match them up with the names of my apps?

    How does that work?

    WHat I'd trying to do is figure all this out so I can start the process of making my own themes and combination of icons for my stock and 3rd party apps.

    Thanks for the help!
    2007-10-17 07:47 PM
  2. Jasper44's Avatar
    Summerboard replaces icons based on what the name is on springboard. For instance, the SMS icon says Text underneath it on the Springboard so for summerboard you name it Text.png and for the phone icon Phone.png, etc. If there isn't a matching icon in the icons folder in the summerboard theme the icon won't change and if it finds a match, it changes it.
    2007-10-18 08:51 AM