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  • Yes (I'll download it)

    8 47.06%
  • No (I could care less for this)

    9 52.94%
  1. AdamJaz's Avatar
    Should I make this one public? (And get rid of my personal texxxt)

    2007-10-18 07:59 AM
  2. Dash-2's Avatar
    Why not?!
    It looks very nice =D
    2007-10-18 08:01 AM
  3. AdamJaz's Avatar
    Cuz it's a hassle to make a bunch of third party apps that I'll never use... if people want it, then I'll do it, but if it'll just sit around...

    Although this one's terribly easy to generate new icons for :-P

    I'll put some more stuff together for tomorrow...

    Should I keep some type of text at the bottom?
    2007-10-18 08:02 AM
  4. Eurisko's Avatar
    Now if you just use the Commodore 64 font set, it'll be complete.
    2007-10-18 03:29 PM