1. shotgunsteve's Avatar
    Information on adding new source lists to Cydia is sparse and fragmented at best, I thought that this would be a clearly defined thread that newbies like myself could come to read some explicit and detailed instructions on how to do so.

    Thanks in advance to all contributors!
    2008-04-10 11:04 PM
  2. Pokit's Avatar
    I tried adding sources myself in cydia, but it gave me errors every time i went to refresh sources. This is how I did it, someone correct me if i did it wrong:

    SSH into the phone, navigate to "/etc/apt/sources.list.d"
    add sourcename.list into the dir, and the inside of the file has the line with the source URL, something like this:
    deb http://www.sourcesite.com/repo.xml stable main
    I'm pretty sure I did it like that, but got different errors. What did I do wrong!? Are the repos I added (spicychicken and ipodtouched) not compatible with Cydia? If so, what repos can I add to get summerboard and customize working with Cydia?
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    2008-04-11 10:40 PM