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  1. fayewolf's Avatar
    Can someone teach me? I'm kinda dumb about this..

    I installed iphonebrowser, i browse to summerboard, themes. Then I copy the entire folder of Tinker Bell that i downloaded and unzipped from here, and just put the folder in there, I can see the file in my summerfield in iphone, but wehn i select it, it's defaulting back to the original. Do i need to manually copy and past the icons?
    2007-10-20 02:11 AM
  2. NetMage's Avatar
    I don't see a SummerBoard version of the TinkerBell theme. The version I see are for ipb or manually installing by copying all the icons in place.

    Where did you get a SummerBoard version?
    2007-10-23 10:54 PM
  3. laz305's Avatar
    ok so far the only hacking i been able to do is by using this so please point in the right direction to get file directory you know what to put where?
    2008-04-05 03:17 AM