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  1. anotherwc's Avatar
    how do i change the springboard wallpaper....

    i want the UNLOCK screen wallpaper different than the springboard....

    i know when i change the theme...the wallpaper changes with the theme...
    i can turn the wallpaper off n the wallpaper will be the same as the "slide to unlock" screen....
    but i want them to be diff...

    sooo how i do that???
    2007-10-20 11:23 PM
  2. rianbattle's Avatar
    firstly you have to have summerboard installed, which i'm assuming you since you already have backgrounds showing up.

    the background that you want for the lock screen has to be in your photos album on your phone, which means you need to use itunes to sync photos into your phone. then you can select photos from the home screen, choose the one you want, and set it to your wallpaper. you can also do this through the settings menu, there is a wallpaper option in there.

    then, for the background on your home screen, as you said you can turn off the theme background in summerboard to get your unlock screen background, or turn it on and use whichever background is set for the theme you are using.
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