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    Can somebody repackage a dialer for me? I cant get iphoneshop to work on my computer. I didnt know if I needed to send the old artwork file so I put it in. I just need those files in the zip repackaged thanks for the help.
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    2008-04-16 02:32 AM
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    2008-04-18 12:02 AM
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    not gonna work that way. you have to crop the dialer (numbers part) out separately, and the pressed version of it. Also the header needs to be a separate file of about 8X128 pixels. for the call button you need to edit the callglyph_big.png file in mobilephone app. Make the blue part transparent so the callbkgrnd.pngs will show through on press and unpress. If you do all that I can repackage the .artwork file for you. Note: the call button, addcontact(and pressed), and delete (and pressed) are not part of the .artwork file. These files simply replace ones already in mobilephone.app. DefaultDialer.png is just the splash screen.
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    2008-04-18 04:59 AM
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    alright ill do that and put it on here when i get on my computer thanks for the help. and nice decepticon logo
    2008-04-18 03:05 PM