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    I posted this over at iPTF so i thought i may as well post it here aswell

    As soon as i got my iPod Touch i fell in love with the default apple style sad lol? So over time i have tried to make my icons as nice and sleek but still true to the default style. Some of these were just webclip icons made from pictures while others were made in Photoshop. Lol when the first video of the Quake 3 port came out i ended up making a couple icons for that in there so i thought why not and put them in the zip. Overall they turned out pretty good and there is 68 icons (supporting 27 games + 13 random icons). I think the ones that turned out the best were the Yeti3D, PuzzleManiak and NES ones and feel free to state your praise, criticisms or whatever.

    EDIT: Added Millionaire and Noiz2sa
    EDIT: Is it just me or do the attactched images not show?
    Attached Images [Release] Apple Style Game Icons-dsfs.png [Release] Apple Style Game Icons-noiz2sa.png 
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    ....Doesn't anyone like them?
    2008-04-17 12:31 AM
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    i like the 2nd one! thank you!
    2008-04-17 01:28 AM
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    hey I like your icopter icon ..but is there any chance you can make me an apple iphone version with plane red and the white copter in the front?

    oh and is that the airplane you are using for the game? if so, where did you get the image or could i have it :-D thank you for the icons you have already provided
    2008-04-17 03:21 AM
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    Its just a screen shot off of google that i edited.
    2008-04-17 01:47 PM