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    I was hoping someone out there could help me out:

    When I download themes via installer, they do not show up in SMB preferences. Earlier, somehow phiberglass was present once I downloaded, but once I access my phone through winscp, it shoes the latest downloads "prado" and "revolver", but not phiberglass.

    I think I did something manually to get to it, but I can't remember which folder I went through to do so.

    It's weird, because if I try and uninstall, installer is showing all three summerboard themes, but I can only choose from summerboard, default, and phiberglass from smb prefs. I have tried to reboot the iphone.

    Any insight is appreciated, or let me know if you need more info.



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    2008-04-18 09:42 PM
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    I am having the same problem. I found a screenshot of the one I REALLY like and i can't get it. It downloads and shows up for me to uninstall but won't show up for my themes to change to. lame-o
    2008-04-22 07:53 PM