1. straightryder's Avatar
    With all these themes you guys have going on here its driving me nuts!!

    im running unlocked 1.1.1 downgraded to 1.0.2.

    I have summerboard themes working great. But i haven't installed the new themes from this site.

    Im using fugu to drag and drop files. Now to use a theme from this sites download section offering themes... do i download the file to my desktop...

    then drag and drop the theme's file into the follwing directory....


    then on my iphone tap SMBPrefs > themes and it should be in there?

    God help me.... i've unlocked did everything else without a problem and for some reason even reading the wiki guides this is giving me a headache!! lol

    Yes... im an idiot.


    thank you
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    2007-10-25 10:06 PM
  2. Sidetalker's Avatar
    Are you setting the permissions correctly and are the files in correct summerboard format?
    2007-10-25 10:16 PM
  3. straightryder's Avatar

    IT worked!!

    im no longer and idiot...

    yea. i just dragged and dropped it...


    2007-10-25 10:30 PM
  4. Reako's Avatar
    You got it man. Another self implied tactic. I'm so glad some people try things out. Adios.

    2007-10-26 04:34 AM