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    does anyone if this can be done?

    is there a way to hide all of the icons on the home screen to show the wallpaper fully and then hit the home button and have the icons show up? that wold be cool since a lot of wallpapers have stuff on them that get covered up by the icons...

    or is it possible to have the wallpaper in the summerboard theme also be the wallpaper when the phone is on standby? i know you can do it the other way around...that is , have the standby wallpaper be the theme wallpaper.
    2008-04-21 09:03 PM
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    If you search this forum for "blank.app" you should come across the following thread...

    This is my homescreen...

    As you can see, I have also replaced the icons for Phone / Mail / Safari / iPod with the transparent icon to make the whole homescreen showing only the status bar on top.
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    2008-04-22 12:08 PM
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    thanks for the info!

    wow that looks nice! where'd you get that wallpaper for is that a whole theme? if you can point in the right direction...
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    2008-04-22 07:15 PM