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    a friend of mine just got an iphone he bought it brand new. when he got it they unlocked it for him, im not sure what method they used, and they weren't giving out any info. so they unlocked it and it doesn't have installer on it only cydia. im used to regular old installer where i can type in my sources. i was thinking of just connecting it a jail breaking it with ziphone even though its all ready jailbroken i just dont want to brick it... any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    2008-04-22 03:08 AM
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    They used iliberty which installed cydia by default if you download the lastest version you can check installer in the advance tab you also have to download the payload to the folder for iliberty+ in your program files on your pc .Only thing not sure of if you can add installer after the phone is all ready jailbroken or your going to have to start all over again
    2008-04-22 03:27 AM
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    so can i just refurbish with ziphone reinstall 1.1.4 with itunes and use ziphone to do it all...dont know about independance i use pc
    2008-04-22 04:27 AM