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    On Jakey's icon template for the full background icons, why is the calendar icon transparent and the others aren't? Is that what makes the calendar icon update when used on the full background? I was wondering because I just noticed that no date is showing up on those icon sets that I just uploaded. If that transparency is the reason for it not working then I will fix it ASAP!
    2007-07-28 03:05 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    yes, yes it is.

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    2007-07-28 05:30 AM
  3. unknownentry's Avatar
    Okay thanks...When I get a chance I will fix the icon sets that I uploaded. I included the .psd files, so it shouldn't be hard. I am working on another icon set and it will be done right. Sorry for uploading incomplete icon sets. I hope you aren't mad.

    EDIT: I tried the transparent background on my icon set and it still didn't show the date for the calendar. Any ideas on why it isn't working? I have had so much trouble with background icon sets, I don't think they are worth the trouble.
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    2007-07-28 07:16 AM