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    Hey peps i have been told i could have a bug in my iphone I cant restore nor will itunes reconise my phone when use by the usb cable. It wont even stay turned off. I have tryed ziphone to try and restore but noluck is there anyone had something like this happen to there iphone.
    software im runnig is 1.1.3 useing windows. Ive tryed different usb cords aswell.

    I hate having a great phone that can only receive calls and txts when its ment to have alot of other cool things i can do with it!!! :-(

    could i use wifi maybe to restore?
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    plug it into your pc

    hold power and home, when the screen goes black release power but keep holding home.

    after a few seconds itunes will reconize it (you can now release home) and will tell you it needs to restore.

    restore and then rejailbreak
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    2008-05-05 02:45 PM
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    Put it into Recovery mode by holding menu and power until the iPhone turns off. Then release both buttons. Hold down the menu button as you plug the phone into a power source (wall charger, USB connected to computer, etc). Then whenever you plug it in to your computer it will recognize it.
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    The thing is it wont even charge useing usb cable. Dam is this phone stuffed for sure?
    Cheers for the help so far could i use wifi for anything?? or to restore it some how?

    by the way everytime its turned on it say" this accessory is not made for iphone then it goes on about would i like to use it in flight mode. Do all iphone have this when there turned on or off??
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