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    I cant seem to find a tutorial on how to change all the icons in iphones? is there a theme section , i downloaded a theme and its a folder containing many other folders? any ideas on what i need to do to install themes on my iphone?

    i followed a tutorial below, i installed the old summerboard. my iphone is on 1.02.
    i selected a theme and reset springboard and the new theme still isnt showing any ideas?
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    2007-11-09 02:53 AM
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    I have the same problem...
    2007-11-10 03:41 PM
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    1. (go here and install it from your iphone). a new icon will be on your iphone called installer. this app lets you install all kinds of other apps.

    2. install SummerBoard from installer. (then you can install themes directly from your phone without having to go through any of the trouble listed below). go back into installer and you'll see a category for Themes (SummerBoard). Install away!

    3. Now if you still want to move them from your computer to your iphone, see below.

    4. install BSD subsystem (from list of apps available from Installer)

    5. install OpenSSH. once installed and having access to your wifi get your iphones IP address from Settings->Wifi->click the arrow next to the wifi network you are connected to. you'll then see your IP address.

    6. SSH into your phone. ssh -l root 10.x.x.x (use your ip address). if using a mac just use the Terminal app to ssh. if windows, i don't know find a terminal type app to command line to use ssh.

    7. Use password "dottie" or "alpine" when asked after ssh'ing into your phone.

    8. get a SFTP program to transfer files to your iphone from your computer. server will be your IP address of your iphone, user = root, password = dottie or alpine.

    9. Summerboard themes are in Library/SummerBoard/Themes/ , this is the directory you'll place your themes. each theme should have it's own folder.
    2007-11-10 03:44 PM
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    Can u give a more detailed explanation so we can try to help u out. Like are u trying to install a summerboard theme from the d/l section? What method are u using to install? etc.

    Guess we ^ were writing at the same time lol sorry ignore this post.
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