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    All you need for this is a basic audio software. You can use Audacity which is an excellent open source free app, I use Total Recorder which I purchased but also has a shareware option but I forget how many functions are allowed in the shareware, you may even be able to use Soundrecorder which come with any Windows OS.
    Basically you want to be able to make sounclips of 30 seconds or less,(I use sound effects so there usually pretty short anyway), That you can save as a good qualiity mp3 file. So once you're able to do that, make a new folder on your desktop and call it "ringtones" if you want.
    Now any ringtone clips you make, store them in the ringtone file on your desktop. For now just try one. Open Itunes and go up to the menu and click on "add file", locate the file you made in your ringtone folder and click it. Once it is in your itunes library, you right click on it and choose "convert to AAC". If yo do not see this option go to the menu, choose edit, preferences, click the "advanced" tab,click the "import" tab, and change the "import using" tab to "AAC Encoder" and the option will show up. This will make a duplicate of the file in your ringtone folder but with an "m4a" extension.
    If you do not see the file type extension, open any folder,click tools,folder options, and click the view tab. Go down and uncheck the box next to "Hide extensions for known filetypes".
    Now you can delete the files from your itune library but DO NOT send them to the recycle bin.
    Now go to your ringtones folder and right click on the AAC duplicate file and choose "rename". and change the '".m4a" extension to ".m4r", when the window pops up and asks if your sure you want to do this click yes or ok. Now shrink the window so you can see itunes and click on the ringtones section on the left side of itunes and drag and drop your newly renamed file into the ringtones list in itunes. Voila! Close your ringtones folder and I usually close itunes and reopen it,(I'm not sure if that's necessary). Now sync your iphone and then open phone, choose a contact, edit, ringtone, and your new ringtone will be there for the choosing! Easy!
    2008-05-08 07:35 PM
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    Or you could use iRinger which does it all in 3 clicks and is free.
    2008-05-08 09:31 PM
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    Yea, I tried it and it worked for one file and not others and I got tired of playin with it trying to figure out why it wouldn't work all the time.
    2008-05-08 10:08 PM
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    Wow... saw the word EASY, then opened up the thread and saw an entire PARAGRAPH and said to myself "hmm... if it needs that much in depth description it's not THAT easy" :-)
    2008-05-08 10:12 PM
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    Or you could use iRinger which does it all in 3 clicks and is free.
    I used iRinger for all my ringtones and absolutely love it. Not to mention that the free version will allow you to make ringtones without any major limitations. Highly recommended.

    2008-05-08 10:26 PM
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    if a WHOLE paragraph makes you break a sweat, you might wanna sit down for this one!

    2008-05-08 10:48 PM