1. supersprynt's Avatar
    I was alerted to an "essential" upgrade but when I attempt to do it it "cannot comply" as it would be removing an essential package to ugprade it. Now I'm getting a lot of post-installation errors. Is this happening to anybody else?

    It's regarding the Cydia Source Set.
    2008-05-11 06:05 PM
  2. kuint's Avatar
    i got this same problem
    i succeeded in updating every other source accept this one.
    2008-05-11 11:01 PM
  3. Kornishspike's Avatar
    i think this all started when iphonsurge.net account on their host got suspended. im having the same trouble, so what ive had to do is singularly install/upgrade each file/app, except the iphone surge upgrade and the cydia source set.

    do this and u shudnt have major problems, just 2 rather annoying upgrades that cannot happen because of one of the sources within the upgrades are down (obviously used to download files to install or something)

    ive not had problems. but as i said, it is a bit annoying when cydia keeps telling u about essential upgrades u cant do nething about. and the unsightly number 2 aleart u get on the cydia icon on the springboard.


    someone get it sorted
    2008-05-12 05:59 PM
  4. supersprynt's Avatar
    Idk if there are install issues but my phone keeps crashing, had to restore it last night.
    2008-05-12 06:11 PM