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    Hey Guys I need a little help here, I have been wanting the perfect "superman theme" but havent been able to obtain that so for right now im working with just the wallpaper and various icons I mixed I found this ipod icon in the d/l section and I Love it

    now this is my current "theme"

    and I "borrowed" this from Fistikal's avatar (sorry & thanx man)

    And that would be great for my phone icon, Right? but here lies the problem "I dont have photoshop" only crappy paint that comes with windows. So can u resize and crop it for me (it has a white box around it outline i guess) if not can u tell me how or where I can do it myself? Thanx in advance for at least reading and oh yea PLEASE!. lol
    P.S. if confused I mean resize the iphone one for me.
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    2007-11-12 01:24 AM
  2. Reako's Avatar
    Do you still want the hand in the picture like the iPod icon?

    2007-11-12 05:14 AM
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    yes sir ! Juz like the ipod one
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    2007-11-12 05:31 AM
  4. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Try this..
    Attached Images Little Help From U photoshop Guru's-handiphone.png 
    2007-11-13 12:47 AM
  5. NetMage's Avatar
    Download the free program Paint.Net which will allow you to edit PNG files and resize/make areas transparent/etc.
    2007-11-13 12:53 AM
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    thanx soulthoughts, NetMage is that the same program that comes with windows....disregaurd I'll d/l now and and find out. thanx for the info!
    2007-11-14 03:12 AM
  7. NetMage's Avatar
    Not the one with Windows, a much more sophisticated free upgrade to it.
    2007-11-14 09:29 AM
  8. LeathaFace's Avatar
    Got it! thanx! its nice too, I'll have to play around with it for a few days to get the hang of it though.
    2007-11-15 01:54 AM