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    Guys I am in a little bit of a set-back.

    I recently received a PC from my friend to use while I am in Cali, but my entire phone is synced to my Mac at home. Including all my Wallpapers...

    I want to restore my phone and upgrade to the new firmware, but I want to Manually retrieve all my Wallpapers that I synced from my Mac at home. Is this a possibilty, or am I shooting for the Stars?


    EDIT: Sorry it was posted in the wrong forum. Thought I had the right one.
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    2007-11-12 06:12 AM
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    you can sftp to search the iphones files and they should be in:192.xxx.x.xxx/Libary/wallpapers
    2007-11-12 06:25 AM
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    EDIT: I mean the Wallpapers I personally synced to the phone. Not the stock Wallpapers. Thanks a lot though.

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    2007-11-12 06:42 AM
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    Can't you just sync it with the itunes on your friends computer to pull them off? It's always worked for me - but maybe only because I keep them in the photos section.

    Not sure....
    2007-11-13 06:52 PM