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    Hi guys.. been lurking in the forum for a few days now going through the windows mods 101, 102, and 103s. Got the ring tones and was able to get the Loring-WhiteGU-3 template on the phone (nice work man).

    So I've restored the phone and am trying my hand at making my own template.. after much trial and error I got all 12 icons in the first 3 rows lined up without any spaces, the 4 icons in the dock lined up without spaces.. but I cant seem to get my 4th row of 'demoapp' to put the picture across the bottom right. I was hoping to get through it all without having to ask for help.. but its getting late and i caved

    Here is what I'm TRYING to do, and the 2nd image is what I'm getting.. Insight anyone? Do you need my displayorder.plst? Oh and if you put the demoapp right above:


    How do you keep the picture from being 'clickable' and loading the app?

    Anyway.. off to bed for this n00b! Thanks for your time and great tutorials!
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    2007-08-01 08:58 AM
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    good job so far, but the demo app will always be clickable. As for lining everything up check out my template i posted in the download section, that is for the demo app being at the bottom left of the fourth row
    Then just put all your files on top of my template and resave, you have to leave all that black space as well, thats what helps it line up

    I see what you are doing, still load up my template but just cut the fourth row out of my template and then it should work
    2007-08-01 02:54 PM
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    The issue is that the image for the icon is centered on the icon. So in order to get this to line up correctly you will need to add some space on the left of the picture so the center of the picture is the left part over where the icon really goes. I hope that makes sense.
    2007-08-01 05:14 PM
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    Nice skin man. Love it. The bevel looks rad into the buttons. =)

    I have some new ones coming. And a better updated template for people that use the 4 row technique.
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    2007-08-01 06:58 PM
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    like someone said up there, the icon gets centered on the spot its located, so all you have to do is canvas your 4th row icon and add about 3 icons worth of space on the left side of the image. If you're using mr loring's template, i think you should canvas your width to about 534 with the empty space on the left. I had the same problems you do but i figured it out through trial and error, and finally figured out a way to make my own template thats a lot easier. Oh, and u need to fix your calendar icon.

    Btw, thanks for the template loring! Im on my 6th day of photoshop now and im making some great progress thanks to your template.
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    2007-08-01 09:06 PM
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    Good info on the center bits. I'll give that a shot right now.. Thanks for all the help guys, this website makes thing so easy and has a great community backing..

    Cant wait to see your next templates Loring.. love em!
    2007-08-02 02:13 AM