1. Lazyface's Avatar
    can someone please post a tutorial on how to create an icon using photoshop cs3.
    how to get the shape....and everything else
    2007-11-12 07:15 AM
  2. Reako's Avatar
    Just read the tutorials on the program...

    2007-11-12 09:40 AM
  3. Trent J.'s Avatar
    Well, I can give you a little heads up on how to get started.

    • Start Photoshop
    • Go to File > New.
    • Change dimensions to 60px by 60px.
    • Make the background contents transparent, and hit ok.

    So now, you have a blank "canvas." Here, you can go many different ways about making a an icon.

    On the left hand side, you have many tools. If you have a one column toolbar, you might want to use the top one, or the 18th one down.
    If you have a two column toolbar, you will want to use the top left tool, or 9th one down on the right column.

    Hint: When you click on these, click and hold for more shape options.

    These tools I mentioned, will get you the basic shape you want for your icons.

    Just, look around Good Tutorials[Photoshop] to learn different techniques on how to use layer styles, and more.

    You won't be a master right away by no means, but should get you a kick start.

    Here is a list of the dimensions for all customize images on the iPhone

    Hope I was of some help.
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.
    2007-11-12 02:45 PM