1. adamr425's Avatar
    making a new lock icon... changing the dial pad when your phone is locked or the color of the numbers and letters when your phone is locked or charging?
    2007-08-02 10:43 PM
  2. bluewoodboarder's Avatar
    I tried making a green lock for the top of the unlock screen. I changed the wrong png and got a green lock for all the secure pages in safari...

    8g iPhone, 2 GHz Core Duo (black) MacBook w/ 2gigs of ram..
    2007-08-02 11:25 PM
  3. Mohulis's Avatar
    the lock icon at the top of the of the screen while it's unlocked is called FSO_LockIcon.png and I believe it's just in the SpringBoard.app folder... not sure about the rest
    2007-08-03 01:03 AM
  4. Sindern's Avatar
    I managed to change the keypad at the lock screen and the background for the number entry. Also the failed entry colors. Im working onavideo to show my current modded pjone along with a how to and .png locations for various files. Ill post it here when i finish.

    Note: blame all typos on my iphone keyboard (which i still cant seem to change).
    2007-08-06 11:36 AM