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    man this is frustrating!!! I am using eglass for my theme. For some reason, safari just pops out of the dock, and just hangs out in the top left corner. I can move it back, but whenever I open something, and then go back to the home screen, its back I'm the corner. No matter what theme I used, it Did it!! So I gave up, restored/re-jailbreak, and reloaded wanted apps, including eglass which I've used since it came out without problems until today. It just happened again? I'm still on 1.1.3. Using ziphone. Any ideas? The only apps installed so far are.

    video recorder
    audio recorder

    2008-05-25 05:49 AM
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    How many icons do you have on your dock? You can only have 4 at the most for 1.1.3/1.1.4 if your trying to put in 5..
    2008-05-25 06:44 AM
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    Why do you have 2 of the same posts! isnt that kind of double posting i should say
    2008-05-25 07:19 AM
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    it was an accident I went to edit it because there was a lot misprlled curtousy of autospell and I wanted to make surei was very clear on my post. I guess it just posted twice. Sorry

    I only have 4. Its even in the orignal order!!! Please, someone out there has to have a solution and not a question. Not that I mind questions, but everyday that goes by with a stitch in your side kinda gets a little irritating!!!
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    2008-05-25 01:42 PM